Plan2Fly gives you all the necessary tools to plan drone missions: zones, calendar, polygons, mission sharing and much more.

Plan your drone missions

With Plan2Fly you can plan drone missions down to the smallest detail – and it’s free!


We offer a platform to maintain the necessary overview for any professional drone pilot so you can concentrate on what you are best at – flying.

Share your missions

Get an overview of all your flights and use the tools to plan every detail so you are sure to comply with the applicable legal requirements.


You can share your missions with your customers and authorities, making it easy to align expectations through a visual presentation of the planned execution.


Search on map for location and zones

Overview of Urban Zones - No Fly Zones (NFZ) etc.

Create mission

Structure in relation to customers and authorities

Plan according to the weather

Who doesn't want sun?

Create mission brief

Insights for customers and authorities

Create shot list

Remember all tasks at the location

Create safety zones

Know your location in advance

Golden hour info

Get the best lighting

Draw polygons

Highlight the area or calculate your price based on it

Share your mission plan

Share with customers, authorities and cadastral tenants

Flight direction

Visualize your flight direction on a map

Measure distances

Measure distances to rails, airport or other infrastructure

Mission list

Keep track of your pipeline - Save missions in archives

Want to know more?

Take a closer look at our FAQ to get insights in the platform’s many tools and functions. 

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