Innovative Drone Project Receives Financial Support from the EU

We are pleased to announce that Plan2Fly’s new project, with support from the EU, is well underway. The project focuses on further developing our platform for professional drone operators, which will significantly improve and expand our current offerings. With an ambitious yet realistic plan, we are already making good progress on implementing the various modules that will make Plan2Fly an indispensable tool for drone pilots.

Development of the Profile Module

The first step in the project is the development of a profile module. This module will include features that allow users to switch from a hobby profile to a professional subscription profile. Additionally, users will be able to add extensive data to their profiles, such as portfolio directories of previous projects and drone certificates. The implementation will also include a function to share profiles with potential customers, making it easier for drone pilots to present their work.

Enhanced Map Functionality

The next step is the development of a more advanced map module. This module will include features such as a solar diagram, KP index, and a detailed wind speed calculator. These functions are crucial for professional drone pilots who need precise data to optimally plan and execute their flights.

Mission Module

This module will allow drone pilots to plan and visualize flights as well as prepare quotes for customers. The function will include mission lists, calendar functions, and an automatic email function for communication between operators, authorities, and customers.

Notification Module

The notification module aims to make it easier for drone pilots to apply for permits from relevant authorities such as the Danish Transport Authority and the police. This module will automate and standardize the process, saving time for both drone pilots and authorities.

Post-Processing Module

Finally, we will develop a post-processing module that includes an integrated webshop. This webshop will allow drone pilots to purchase services such as photo editing, video editing, and AI-based traffic and crop counting. This module will help drone pilots expand their product portfolio and increase their revenue.