Technical capacity and communicative branding: Plan2Fly welcomes 5 new employees

21. juni 2021

The ambitions are big and so is the interest in Plan2Fly. That is why we are welcoming 5 new employees to strengthen our technical capacity and sharpen our communication and brand.

Plan2Fly has recently managed to establish partnerships and raise capital that enables the hiring of a team of employees who can execute on the major plans and strategies.


It is a strong team of 3 men and 2 women that we have already had the pleasure of working with since March, as the team has been part of Lead The Talent (link), where they have worked on a case provided by Plan2Fly. Because of this, we can guarantee that they are all a great match for the company. We are so lucky that they have agreed to continue their work and become a permanent part of the company.

“At Plan2fly, we have received 6 individual talents, each of whom was thrown into deep water and had to lift areas such as our communication strategies, SoMe strategies, preparation of sales material and backend programming of a new module for our software platform. The talents have taken on the tasks and have shown great courage.The talents have been given great confidence and have delivered on all parameters, solutions that one by one could be implemented with us.They have in a short time proved to be extremely skilled for each areas and at the same time gotten together as a strong team, not only among themselves but also with the other employees. We look forward to further cooperation! “


Sune Laursen, CIO, Plan2Fly

Full speed ahead

In the tech team, we welcome Rasmus Storm Hansen, Simon Benthin Munch and Kristian Schebye Enemark. 1 x developer and 2 x computer scientists. They will manage the backend development of Plan2Fly and implement the many ideas that are on the drawing board. Without revealing too much, there are plenty of projects to programme and implement into the system.


Plan2Fly’s new communication team will consist of Camilla Juul Johansen and Sarah Kim Lassen Grøn. Camilla is Plan2Fly’s creative input that will bring the platform to life by using her knowledge and aesthetic sense to develop the visual expression. Sarah sets the communicative agenda in line with Plan2Fly’s development and spreads the knowledge of the platform’s many possibilities and upcoming solutions.


Together they will work towards a common goal to develop the best planning tool for drone pilots. We look forward to the new team joining per July 1 and see Plan2Fly spread its wings.