Plan2Fly takes the first step to have all development inhouse

30 september 2021

Last week, Plan2Fly welcomed 5 new faces to our office in Middelfart. The addition of the new employees strengthens both the technical as well as the communicative area. 

There are big visions behind the Plan2Fly platform. To realize these, it requires a wide range of competencies and disciplines. We are excited that 5 new profiles with a great diversity have agreed to be part of our employee team and help lift Plan2Fly to new heights. 


At Plan2Fly, we believe that personality and professional qualities are equally important when creating a good work process- and -dynamics. In relation to this, we have chosen for the third time to collaborate with the organization Lead the Talent, which aims to match talents with companies where it is not necessarily education and experience that is crucial in the selection process. 

Talents brings Plan2Fly to life 

Over the past six months, the current employees have worked on creating the company’s foundation and laying the solid building blocks on which the platform will lie in the future. The time is now to bring the platform to life.


3 skilled people will work dedicatedly to make our design a reality and code the front-end part of Plan2Fly’s upcoming modules. The communication team is provided with 2 people who will work with video production and make our communication more visually vivid. The next few months are the first step on the road to having all future development inhouse. 

On the Frontend team we welcome Jeevith Mohanakumar, Mads Juel Nielsen and Mikael Kales Hansen, and on the communication team we will have the pleasure of working with Simon Engelund and Rasmus Lykke.