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Drone pilot

Need a detailed planning tool for your drone missions?


Do you own a business with a need for drone services?


Does your customers need "eyes in the sky"?

In Plan2Fly you will find a complete toolbox for planning your drone missions: zones, measuring tools, weather forecast etc.

If you are looking for jobs or pilots to scale your business, you can use our Job Bank.

Plan2Fly makes it easy to use and access drone technology – no matter the level of drone knowledge. You can book pilots, get data processed, monitor internal tasks and gather all your drone-related tasks in one place.

It is an easily integrated solution for all industries that have a desire for digitization and to have access to the latest technologies.

As a reseller of Plan2Fly you get the opportunity to offer new and existing customers a new line of products. No matter what industry you are in it is possible through Plan2Fly to order drone services for your customers who want to take their business to new heights.

Tailored to your needs

Whether you are a pilot, company, freelancer or would like to offer your customers something extra Plan2Fly can match your needs.

We combines all facets of the drone industry and remove barriers between buyer and provider. You have the opportunity to step into the process where it makes sense to you.

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